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The Sciencenow Group (formerly the Science Navigation Group and Current Science Group) began as a group of publishing companies in 1979. Several of our products have changed the way that science is communicated, notably the Current Opinion review journals, the BioMedNet community of scientists (one of the first web-based communities), the Investigational Drugs Database, BioMed Central's open access publishing and Faculty of 1000's post-publication peer review service. In addition, the group has developed mapping and navigation services for mobile phones, databases of events and hyperlocal news sites.

The aim of each of the companies within the Sciencenow Group is to invent, build and establish new and useful services. Usually, once the task has been accomplished and a company has become commercially viable, our tradition is to sell the company and re-invest in another new venture. Our success has been based on keeping at the forefront of new developments both in science publishing and services for professionals and the public.

See below for further details on the many companies which have been launched and developed by the group since 1979. The dates show when each company was part of the Sciencenow Group / Science Navigation Group / Current Science Group.

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F1000 Research Gower Press Bolsover Press Current Science Science Press
The Scientist Current Medicine Current Patents Current Biology Electronic Press
Current Drugs BioMedNet Colour Bytes PharmaPress Praxis Press
Current Controlled Trials BioMed Central NSP Telmap Mapbyte
Global Datapoint Postcode Gazette Faculty Opinions Faculty Opinions